Wednesday, January 22, 2014

10 Reasons the Broncos Will Win the Superbowl

So why will the Denver Bronco's win the Superbowl?  Here are 10 reason why:

1. Peyton f****** Manning (HURRY HURRY!)

Besides breaking a record nearly every week, Peyton has proved time and time again that he is at the top of his game. Breaking records is great, but his leadership and team management dictates him as the best. 

2. It's not just Peyton (Decker, D.Thomas, J. Thomas, Welker, Moreno etc.)

When your have offensive weapons that would beat most fantasy teams, you know you're in good shape. (Note - draft the Broncos players in fantasy next year)

3. The Missing Man

The Seattle Seahawks strive on home games with the element of the 12th man, breaking the decibel record twice and making history. Only problem is they now have to attempt to out cheer Denver's fans outside their stadium. Good luck with that!

4. John Fox 

Two years in a row with a 13-3 record, overcame heart Surgery and has still taken the Bronco's to the playoffs every time since he became head coach. Even with this guy:

5. Denver's Defense has Stepped it Up

Let's face it. Denver's defense struggled the majority of the season. That is, until now. The past 4 games, Denver's defense has not allowed over 17 points. Not to mention 6 sacks in the past two playoff games.

6. Russel Wilson

There is no denying that Russel Wilson is a great quarterback (certainly no Manning). He had 22 touchdowns with only 6 interceptions in the first 13 games. HOWEVER, in the past 6 games he has thrown 5 touchdown passes and has been sacked 7 times in the playoffs. That hurts.

7. Great Defenses Don't Phase the Broncos

A good defense is what wins a super bowl. Tell that to the top defenses the Broncos destroyed this year. Good defense doesn't compete with our dominant offense. 37.9 Points per game (1st), 457.3 yards per game (1st) and 340.2 pass yards per game (1st). Good Luck!!

8. Denver is Ready to slay "The Beast"

There is no doubt that the Seahawks are reliant on Marshawn Lynch. The Broncos are ranked 8th overall against the run game. The Broncos limited the Chargers to 65 run yards and the Patriots to 64 run yards during the playoffs. If the Broncos keep that up, it will certainly be a long, long day for Wilson and his receivers.   

9. The Passion, the Passion and of Course The Passion!

Do I really need to say more? One thing is certain, the Seahawks will be in their natural environment when Knowshon Moreno rains tears harder than a Seattle storm on them (we love this guy).

and of course

10. The Broncos Fans!

Broncos fans are what make the Broncos great. Why? Maybe because we've sold out every game since 1970. The passion of Broncos fans are unparalleled to any team and we are ready for victory Feb. 2nd 2014!

We're Optimizing Denver SEO and we approve this message. Go Broncos!!!